Wednesday, June 15, 2011

blog giveaway

hey everyone!
how are you all today? it's really humid here in london! which means that it looked freezing so i went outside in wooly tights and a hoodie and i came back from asda feeling like i was being baked alive! ah well, i've spent my day preparing for my giveaway and watching despicable me- which is one of my favourite films which has been lovely, i hope you're all having an equally lovely day!
Photobucketso now for my giveaway! 
on monday i woke up to 102 followers which has now been upped by 4 more people so hello to all my new followers! today i'm going to be giving away 2 items so there will be 2 winners of my giveaway. 
both items were made by siobhan mckenzie and painted by me. they are both one size items so will fit everyone :) as they are handpainted they will be put in a cold wash for long use but they are able to be worn everyday. 
1. white jersey "free as the wind" cropped vest top
skirt - h&m.
my inspiration for this top was a tattoo design siobhan did.
2. white jersey cropped "fly away" tee
this one was inspired by a crop top i've made as seen in a previous post
as you can see, both tops would go with skirts, jeans and anything casual. but could be dressed up with a blazer and pencil skirt to be smart. 

to enter, you must be following my blog via google friend connect or bloglovin'. (for all my friends who read my blog but don't have a blogger/bloglovin' account, you can easily create a google account by clicking "follow" and opening one.)

1.write your email address
2. specify which top (or both) you'd like to be entered for.
3.write a question for me that i will answer in an "all about ronan" video on my next post. you can ask anything about me and my blog but try and make your questions creative :) 
2 winners will be picked at random on friday, june 17th. 
good luck, and i look forward to hearing all your questions! 
hope you've enjoyed reading today, ronan xxx


  1. Hmm, question. I suck at these. If you could bring 3 items to a desserted island. What would you bring and why?

    Great giveaway lovey, I woild like to be entered for both cause there both awesome!


  2. My question is about your lovely hair!!! How long have you been growing out your locks? And have you came across any adversity because of them? (I looooove your hair, but I know some people in the states aren't fond of dreads for some reason, so idk if it's the same in the UK)

    Anyways, thank you for this amazing giveaway!!!!! You painted that?!?!?! Holy cow!!! I want both of them!
    GFC- CollegeCurl13

    Thank you! Thank you!!!

  3. i had to enter i love it when people to give aways that they made their selfs!

    I like the fly away tee!

    QUESTION...what would your dream job be at the moment and why?.... (so sorry my mind went blank)


  4. I'd love to be entered for the "free as the wind" top, it's beautiful!

    My question is "What would your dream job be?"

  5. Wow Love Them Both, For My Sister Though :D. She Likes Both Too :D
    My Email:
    Question: Where does your fashion interest come from?

  6. Lovely outfit! Love the tank top!

    Following you from Portugal*

  7. Hello! I think both tops are beautiful (:
    Question 1: What do you think matters most in life? Happiness, Wealth, Luck or Power?
    Question 2: If your sister gave you a choice of free clothing, what would you pick?



  8. Lovely giveaway, the tops look great :) Thought your comment on my blog was lovely (despicable me is definitely lined up on my movie list) and your topshop suggestions were great - I can see a lot of myself in all of them, although I'm really trying to avoid cutesy things with collars since I own too many of said items - hence my dilemma with what to spend my birthday giftcard on! Thanks again and don't worry about writing essays, trust me I think some people may get a little annoyed when I write a shitload on their blogs :P xxx

  9. wow I love the tops! I think I'm going to enter haha!


  10. love the top!! you look nice :) great blog :) im your new follower do check out my blog i hope you'll follow back

  11. Love the top! i followed you :)
    follow me back at to stay in touch xx L

  12. Both please (:
    If only had one day left to live, how would you spend it? xxxx

  13. Thanks for the comment, it made me laugh :-)
    Cute tees, I love your paintwork on them!

    Amy xxx

  14. Wow Ronan! thanks for letting me in on this. Well, I pick the fly away top, I LOVE birds. My question for you is: How long have you been drawing or painting and when did you first discover you had a talent for it. My email is


  15. Hi I am a new follower, I am following.

    want the free as the wind.

    My question is, We all dress up when we are kids (nurse, fairy, witch) what did you want to dress up as a kdi?

  16. hope im not too late only just saw your comment :/

    my email is:
    enter me for both pplease :)

    and who is your style icon?

    much love
    kate xo

  17. might be a bit late hahaha
    but if not it's
    I'll go for both - they both look hot,

    question: what do you wanna be when your older? x

  18. giveaway closed, thank you all for entering xxx

  19. I love the shirt with the birds. :) You did an amazing job, I know I'm to late but I just wanted to tell you. :)


  20. @nieke thank you :D that's really lovely of you :) xxx

  21. you're so beautiful, I love your style!!!

  22. Love both of these! Do you still make them? I really want one!
    Thank you for the comment on my blog too - the colour clash was un-intended haha! I just forgot a cardigan the night before when I stayed at my friends :( oopsiee.