Saturday, June 04, 2011

nails nails nails and siobhan

hope you're all well and enjoying britain's got talent tonight! or having a similarly good night tonight :) it's been a week of beautiful weather and lovely comments from all you bloggers so thank you all for that and hello to all my new followers :)
i haven't forgotten about showing you the new things i bought online last week! asos were fabulous and delivered my trousers but h&m online have been wasting my time and to them express delivery is 14 days! but they'll be coming soon i promise! today's post is about 2 of my most treasured things- my nails, and my eldest sister siobhan :D
first, siobhan. 
today siobhan and i went to the fabric shop to pick out the fabric for my leaver's day dress that siobhan will be making for me! although i did notice that siobhan's outfit itself was really lovely today. here's what she wore :) everything (excluding the belt) is handmade by siobhan and available on her website -
one shoulder leopard print bodysuit-£24.
this fully lined bodysuit is unique the siobhanmckenzie, and would be tailored to your body specifically. i love the way that siobhan's got a really classy and sophisticated look into leopard print!
it goes perfectly with the navy maxi skirt too but i love that siobhan's paired it with the red belt to give it a bit of colour. red belt-river island.
sandals- new look.  navy blue slit summer maxi skirt - £38. 
i love the colour of it and it has an almost shimmery quality to it because of the amazing quality of the jersey siobhan uses :). it's lightweight and siobhan says it's more than comfortable.
the shoes are sort of a finishing touch to a lovely sophisticated and summery outfit. it's really well rounded and colourful yet chic and i really love it :) 
can't wait for my leaver's day dress!
now for nail polish! 
Photobucketas you may know, my nails are so important to me and i love to keep them looking good! i'd say  was a little obsessed because my nail polish collection has reached 61 bottles :P i like to have new and different styles and colours to make my nails look that little bit different. here's what i had on thursday night-
dark blue- barry m. white and black - rio nails. i got the idea to do this off something i saw on tumblr and i quite liked them!
but today siobhan bought me some of the barry m pastel colours that i've been wanting for ages! and here they are - some of my new favourites!
look away now if you hate feet!
earlier today, my lovely brother marcel -who doubles as my brocycle- today ventured into nail polishing! while i was revising chemistry, marcel was giving my toes a makeover!
(i borrowed my mum's fit flops for these photos :P)
on my left foot- europe. france, spain, italy, england and a portal to the other foot ;)
on the right foot - the rest of the world :) a portal, barbados, japan, jamaica and curacao :D
thank you marcel for my gorgeous new nails! they're done really well for someone who's never ever painted nails before!
i hope you've enjoyed reading today and have a really lovely sunday! :) ronan xxx


  1. Your first set of nails are so cute, actually made me laugh theyre amazing! Your toes are dead clever too. Siobhan's outfit is absolutely gorgeous too-the perfect mix of casual+classy, which is difficult to do with animal print-i love it! Your so lucky having an older sister, bet you get to steal loads of clothes from her haha! Hope your weekends going well lovely! Xxx

  2. your sister's outfit is gorgeous :)
    and your nails! well done to your brother aha

  3. The nails with the eyes are sooo cute! i want to try them out next!! And siobahan's dress is amazing, she is extremely talented and really beautiful too! xxx

  4. Ahh, i hate feet..LOL. But your toenails are painted very nicely. And your googley eyed nails are funny. You sisters outfit is actually sexy. I cant believe she made that, it just looks like its been brought my the highstreet. That's how good it is!!!

    Lovely post babe.


  5. wow, lovely and talented ladies!

  6. HI my post is not yet ready honey!! anywho loving your sisters style and dress!

    she has great taste!

    your nails are so cool love the eyes! lol



  7. lovelovelove the maxi skirt!
    and the nail art is totally rad.

  8. Love your sis's outfit and the nails are so cool!!

  9. Cute look! Love the maxi with the slit. Great nail colors too...that mint green and soft yellow go great together!

    Check out my blog some time at!

  10. I love the new pastel colours you got!! So summery and pretty.
    Your sister really pulls off that sophisticated/classy/casual look really well! And I love how she could manage to work lepord print into it!!

  11. I really love the outfit! She's really good at it. I couldn't believe she actually did that :)

    JustMeggiEssa xx

  12. i just in love with your maxi skirt, its perfect, i will be visiting your blog again very soon as its just soo lovellyyyy hehe :)


  13. Wow, Siobhan's outfit is gorgeous, she is super talented!
    Love your nail art, so cute!

  14. Awesome outfit.. Those sandals are gorgeous :D

    I love your nails!

  15. sexy yet cute outfit. love your nail color too.

    following you.

    follow me back when you get a moment? :)


  16. I LOVE this skirt. Your nails are so cute too. xx

  17. i love your nails and cannot believe you have that many bottles of polish! also, i just checked out your sister's site, she makes some gorgeous dresses! i especially love the handpainted body con mini and the red stretch ruffle mini dress. it must be so much fun having a sister that has the same passion for fashion and style that you do!

  18. ahhh your sister looks beautiful,love her outfit :) and your nails are amazing ;)

    love kate xo

  19. Adorable outfit. I love the slit in your skirt, very unexpected since most maxi's are all about the volume. Love it!

  20. ! yes yes yes you look fantastic ! very sexy outfit !

    your nails are great !

  21. pretty nails love it !

  22. @molly haha thank you so much :D yeah i love how she mixes casual and classy! haha not really steal, but she makes me so many clothes :D yours too! xxx

    @ruby thanks! haha yeah who woulda thought he could do nails?! xxx

    @ife haha thanks! you defintely should :) xxx

    @tesh haha thank you! yeah she makes everything from scratch :) xxx

    @erin thanks! xxx

    @monzie oh ok haha thank you! :) xxx

    @mari thank you! :) xxx

    @precious thanks! :)xxx

    @cortnie thank you so much! :D xxx

    @dominique yeah she really does! it's fab :)xxx

    @meggi haha yeah thanks! :) xxx

    @ria thanks! xxx

    @sia thank you :)xxx

    @danielle thank you so much! xxx

    @grace thanks! :)xxx

    @alexandria thanks! will check your blog out :)xxx

    @mo thank you xxx

    @kristen haha i know :P she'd love to know that thank you so much! :) yeah it's excellent! xxx

    @kate thank you! haha:)Xxx

    @steffy thanks! xxx

    @lex thanks! yeah it gives it something different doesn't it :)xxx

    @daily glamour thank you so much :) xxx

  23. Hot blog babe! Such a lovely outfit! Would you like to follow each other? love, m.

  24. @gabrielle ta! :) xxx

    @marielle thanks! i'll check yours out :)xxx

  25. love this outfit, you look amazing

    clAire x

  26. Love your maxi skirt!!!

  27. siobhan makes dresses beautifully!! love her and her designs! xxxxx

  28. What a cute outfit, love the slit in the skirt.

    And how cute are the googly eyes nail art! :)

    The Cat Hag

  29. omg brilliant nails
    im inspired now
    going to paint it now!

    love this post...check out my latest post my dear :) :)

  30. What a cute outfit!
    Love that skirt!

  31. @marielle okay ta :) xxx

    @moncheri thanks, it's my sister:) xxx

    @thefashiontheory thanks :) xxx

    @becca yeah she does! :D xxx

    @the cat hag i agree! :) haha thanks xxx

    @florence haha thanks! definitely will do :) xxx

    @nici thank you! :) xxx

  32. your sister looks gorgeous! and omg...she made these clothes by herself!!! I need it! :D
    and your nails are so funny! yeah, summer is in the air ;)
    cool blog! it means that I've followed you ;)

  33. @julia hah yeah she made them all! :D haha it definitely is! thank you :D you have a gorgeous blog too! xxx

  34. Oh my look at all the cool nail designs!! I love them! They all look really cool
    and the leopard body suit under the maxi skirt is sooo great, love the red belt too. So cute.
    ps. I'm following you now ;)

  35. @jenna thank you :D yeah it really suits doesn't it! :) thank you jenna! :D xxx