Wednesday, June 29, 2011


evening all!
how are you today? i hope you had a nice day. today i spent the day with my little big sister janelle and we went to see bridesmaids. it was a really good film! had us both almost tearing up with laughter although i must admit the first half was funnier than the second and that it was a normal predictable chick flick. but if you love rom coms like i do then it's a definite summer see! :) 
janelle was being lazy this morning and left herself only 30 minutes to get ready (which if you know janelle is ridiculous because she usually takes 2-3 hours), nevertheless it took her 50 minutes but we had to sprint for the bus... as in, i had to take my wedges off and run for the bus barefoot. not good. but feet can be scrubbed and scrubbed they were! 
today i decided to wear something simple, seen as i only had 10 minutes to get dressed (i was being lazy too :P). it's been a warm but breezy day today so this is what i decided to wear:
lace top - h&m. as seen in previously.
soft jeans- hollister. as seen previously.
wedges-office. belt-topshop.
so as you can see, nothing new here :) just simple things paired to make a fantastically summery outfit. i really love the pattern on my lace top because it's flowery and you can make the flowers out.
these are my new wedges! as you probably saw when i wore them on leaver's day. they're actually so comfortable, literally like walking in flats and now they've gone down to £12 in the sale so wida if you're reading this, go get them!
these are one of my pairs of "go-to" trousers (along with my "go-to bag). what i mean by that is they're perfect for any and every occasion. i call them soft jeans because i don't like the term "jegging" :P, but if you're going for a pair of jeggings then i'd definitely suggest hollister.
all in all, i really like this outfit, it's simple like my last one but it's definitely one for summer.  
as you can see from this picture, i wear too much sun cream :P but that's just me. 
also, one last quick thing today, siobhan's lovely boyfriend aaron is running the london asics 10k on july 10 (possibly in a dress or spongebob boxers) to raise money for the combat stress charity which specializes in the treatment of service-related mental illness. the charity and aaron are grateful for whatever you can give, even if it's just a pound so head to aaron's just giving page - and share some love :)
i hope you enjoyed this bright post! have a fabulous week! ronan xxx


  1. I really wanna see that film, it looks hilarious.
    You look fabulous in this outfit, what amazing legs. Love the ribbon tie ups on the wedges too.

  2. Ahahaha, I know what you mean about the word 'jeggings' but they look perfect anyway. Your legs are amazing!!!
    I kinda want to see Bridesmaids cos of the mostly female cast and whatever but it looks not so great. May have to seen it now though if it's actually funny. Saw Bad Teacher last week and thought some parts were hysterical.
    Anyway, this wasn't meant to be a film review lol. Lovely outfit. Sometimes simple is best! :) xx

  3. I want to say that these denim and red colors suit you well! it was my first thought, really! I'm quite sure you would be a great model! And the second "previously" woke up a wild part of me, but it's not important that it is 0:30 Am ;)

  4. I love this simple sweet look!! Those shoes are really great, they're really pretty. I love the lace top too

  5. This is such a great summer outfit! Your shoes are lovely dear :)

  6. Wow, you look absolutely gorgrus! I love your jeggings and of course the amazing wedges! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  7. Ggggiiiirrrrlll!! I wish my legs were that long!! You look really nice. love Sia x

  8. Honestly, I love your hair!
    Thanks for your nice comment! Great!

  9. bloody nice legs.
    Simple but lovely outfit.

    Jen xx

  10. I love this !

    Beautiful legs ! Oh , my :)

  11. Look at your legs-mega jel!! Love those wedges + i think they go perfectly with your outfit, + those 'soft jeans' [;)] are honestly so nice-they dont look thin which is the reason why im not usually a fan of them! Might have to check out hollister haha. Bridesmaids sounds like such a funny film, cant wait to see it:D Xxx

  12. soooo beautiful!!!

  13. @eve you should it's great! :D thank you! xxx

    @zizzi yeah haha i prefer soft jeans :P and yeah it's really good! aw i heard bad things about bad teacher :/ but if it's alright :) haha yeah xxx

    @julia thank you! :)xxx

    @jenna thank you so much :D xxx

    @marisa thanks! xxx

    @annabelle thank you :D haha thanks! will do :)xxx

    @grace thanks! xxx

    @sia haha aww, thank you so much sia :) xxx

    @stylebaro you're welcome, thank you! xxx

    @jen thank you! xxx

    @patricia thanks so much!xxx

    @molly haha thank you molly :D ah yess! they're really thick yeah, that's why i love them :) you should! and go see it :D xxx

    @lottie thank you! xxx

  14. Oh my goodness those wedges are just too cute. They'd be perfect for the 4th of July :)
    You look super cute :)

    Notes She Wrote

  15. i love your shoes and bag :) plus your laced top! love your blog and your photos :) I am following you now :) I hope you follow me too :) go give my blog a visit! :)
    thanks :)

  16. You look fabulous honey. You have a great body.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments when I was away. Now, I' m back :)

  17. you look so great! I also really LOVE your hair, and your are gorgeous!! I haven't seen bridesmaids but I do love chick flicks so I might see it when it goes to the cheap theater :)

  18. Cute top!! I wanna see bridesmaid too. Hopefully soon!