Sunday, June 12, 2011

stylish and sporty

how you doing this lovely sunday? :) apart from the rain it's been quite a nice day of jamming and general lazing around :P it feels so strange not having anything to revise for or any work to do, but today i spoke to my lovely friend kayleigh about college as she goes to the one i'll be going to which was really helpful! i also decided that my top wants for this month are a pair of seamed tights, denim acid wash shorts from the vintage shop and a top/tee that's opaque at the front and transparent on the back. i saw one on sonya in neighbours and it was gorgeous. i want one of those :P
so today as you probably noticed, apart from to go running in the rain with philippine, i didn't go out so i didn't have an outfit to post you, but my run made me think about what i could post about and i thought about athletes and sportswomen that are stylish. it was really hard to find any because that's not what they're known for but i found a few sports related things i thought i'd share with you :) another picture heavy post so i hope you enjoy.
1. anna kournikova 
i found this stunning photo of anna in this gorgeous lbd with her diamond encrusted watch and ring. not bad for a tennis player ;)
i love this outfit so much apart from the heels! the silk shirt is gorgeous with the black though and this is the first time i've seen a "bra through shirt" looking sophisticated. i'd love to own this outfit! here's a polyvore i created in the style of this outfit -
the details of each item is on the right. you can see i changed the shoes for a more.. gorgeous pair of louboutins! for more info - click my polyvore tab to the left of this post :)
2. serena williams
another tennis player, here at the glamour awards wearing a lovely pamela rolands dress. she's super-muscly isn't she! but i think this dress looks great on her because it's so light and feminine that it emphasises her curves and makes her look softer :)
mary j blige, serena williams and alicia keys here all wearing gucci. this dress is okay, but i think that serena and alicia are both suffering from "i forgot to put a bra on" syndrome. but i like the sparkliness of serena's dress. i don't particularly like any of their shoes either..hmm. what do you think?
3. lee hyori
this is a korean r&b singer and was featured on the cover of vogue korea in may 2010. so she's not a sportswoman perhaps but the photos are centred around basketball and they're stunning. 
this skirt is slightly bridal but i absolutely love everything about this photo!
looks like a wedding dress but also looks awesome with that cardigan style thing. 
i love this one again. slightly less than the other two but apart from that i like this too :)
4. nike is one of the leading sports brands in the world and i stole these photos off lookbook but i love how these cool people have styled nike clothing-

1. i love the scarf and the nike trainers just go completely with the outfit.
2. i love these trainers, but the hat sealed the deal for me :P
1. this girl looks really great and you would have thought some floral heels or flats would go but the grey socks and dunks look perfect.
2. i love the photography here, i love acid wash jeans, i love classic nike's and his top is pretty cool too so this outfit is just a winner!
last but not least, here are a few photos i've taken in the last few days that i thought i'd share with you :)
hannah's gorgeous little puppy, her name's boo and she's a miniature schnauzer. i want her so much :P
taken on my phone so bad quality. but i won essex championships u17 triple jump yesterday. 
decisions decisions! i went for cosmo in the end but it wasn't that good so i'm gonna go and buy glamour tomorrow :P
haha spotted this while out with my gorgeous friend max (who was wearing a lovely royal blue ben sherman shirt and these fab brown shoes) near aldgate the other day. it was behind a bench - we decided that they were the produce of a good night out. 
lastly, this was a photo of a "baguette hot dog" in a chip shop... i don't know who's clever idea this was but there's something not quite right about it.. haha.
so quite an array of things this evening! hope you have a lovely week and enjoyed reading today :) ronan xxx


  1. Nice pics, the shots of the Korean singer are very interesting!

  2. I love the number 3 :))))
    She looks pretty! And the baguette ... :D hahaha!

  3. Amazing pictures, Ronan! Anna Kournikova is such a beautiful woman!
    Thank you for your comment, dear! You're such a sweetheart!


  4. Oh my! There is so much to comment about!!!! Okay first off, I can't get over how strong serena williams is! I would not get in her way. The basketball shoot looks amazing! I love how acid washed jeans look on other people;however I have never tried them. Lastly, what is up with that hot dog? Subliminal message? Well, I guess sex sells ;)

  5. Wow! Who knew sports players could clean up nicely?! Anna looks so stunning. I really want to re-create her last look! I need to find a good pencil skirt first!

    I love the Nike's too! If only I could pull it off ;)

    Thank you for your lovely comment, it really made my day to know at least one person misses my posts! *tear* haha!!

    Can't wait to read your future posts as well!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  6. nice post and nice photos <3
    anyway check mine if you have a chance :)

  7. Ah, aren't lazy days the BEST?! I can't wait until I'm done school and lounging around and what nottt!

    Such a mish-mash of things youve got going on here! ;) I love that editorial. Super suhweeet.

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  9. I love the basketball shoot pics! The only thing that I dislike about some sports women is their muscley arms like Serenas but this is just my opinion. Hope you have a wondeful day.

  10. lololololololololol so sorry i'm a bit naughty... as i noticed the hot dog first lmfao thats so off putting eeerrrr i'd never eat from that shop after that photo!

    congrats for winning the essex triple jump.. kisses, oh and i love the fashion pieces jeremy scott is my fashion hero and greatest inspiration i totally love his adidas work and you know i love korean singers 2NE1 rock and i want to cuddle that puppy so bad! aaaw


  11. Wow, congrats for your winning position!

    I just found your blog and really love it, you have a new follower.

    I'll start a new give away with 400 readers, so feel free to have a look at my page.

    One love from Germany,

    Cloudy von Cloud44

  12. Great post. I love the basket ball feature, imagine playing in those outfits :)
    I love tennis so will be watching for Serena and Venus Williams and see what they're wearing.

    btw I've had to start my blog again, so I hope you can come and follow me here.

  13. @precious thank you :) yeah they're really different! xxx

    @lenny she's gorgeous yeah! :) haha i don't even know what the baguette is! :P xxx

    @karima thank you! :)xxx

    @rowan thank you! she really is so stunning! my pleasure :) xxx

    @collegecurl haha yeah she's supermuscly! yeah i love acid wash jeans too, i had some but they got too small! :( hahah that made me laugh! i guess sex does sell! xxx

    @wida my thoughts exactly! :) she does, check out the polyvore i made i think i got it quite similar. hmm a good pencil skirt, they do actually have good ones in topshop at h&m! :) haha aww of course, you have an amazing blog! thanks wida!:) xxx

    @dana thank you! :) will do! xxx

    @lexy haha yeah! yeah it's fab editorial :) xxx

    @chloe mia yeah i know what you mean about the muscly arms! but it comes with the sport and it just shows how great they are :) xxx

    @monzie haha i don't know if the shop realised the picture was so bad! thank you :) yeah! haha boo is adorable! xxx

    @cloudy thank you! aww that means a lot to me :) i definitely will thanks! xxx

    @lace thank you! haha playing in those outfits would be torture! ooh do! :) will do :) xxx

  14. I love those Vogue photos!

  15. merci for the the hot dog

  16. Wahou I'm on your blog, thank you, I love the street style of this post.


  17. hey!! thank u so much for the comment!! :d your blog is stunning! I'm following, follow me! Cool post :D


  18. Love all the selections and pictures!! Cute!!

    Stumbled upon your blog :) Hope you can visit mine and follow if you like ?? I'll follow back :)


  19. @grace they're lovely! xxx

    @thefashionturd you're welcome :) haha gross! xxx

    @rubie haha yeah you are! :D xxx

    @sickbytrend you're welcome! :D i'll check your blog out xxx

    @paulina thank you so much!:) i'll have a look! xxx

  20. Ronan, there is too much goodness in this post for me to possibly comment on it all... But a few standout things- The outfit you put together = amazing, those sporty Vogue pics are stunning and oh my gosh, that puppy is the cutest, you should steal her!! lol
    Love reading your posts girl and the top you want sounds cool <3 xx

  21. @zizzi aww haha :D thank you! i want it so much! yeah lee hyori looks amazing! haha i will steal her next time i see her! thank you so much :D xxx

  22. Cool posts, I'm really into health and fitness at the moment so this post was right up my alley. All the women looked great and are an inspiration. Anna K. will be the next biggest loser trainer I heard. Anywas congrats on your win you're awesome :-)

    Fashion Nostalgia

  23. @jericca thanks! :) yeah they really are! xxx

  24. Hey! Just curious to where they sell that hot dog? I have been meaning to find it in ages!!

  25. Please reply here to let me know ;)