Monday, June 27, 2011

diy's and simple for sun

good afternoon everyone!
hope you've had fab weekends and if you're in england, been enjoying the gorgeous weather we've been having! i've also had quite an exciting morning with sorting the dirty blonde photoshoot which is on thursday, and i've also been contacted by the lovely amy who wanted to know whether i'd be willing to make and sell  tees and vest tops similar to the ones i gave away to which i said yes! so if anyone else wants me to handmake them a unique top with a design of their (or my) choice then contact me at and i'll charge £10 for each one. 
i also spent today doing a little bit of diy-ing so i'm going to show you what i made, also what i wore yesterday to go to see my friend, and also what siobhan's wearing today! first, here are my diys!
1. sesame street tee-originally from american apparel
i never wear this tee and found it shoved at the back of my wardrobe. 
i've seen shredded style tees in vintage shops and even more high street shops more recently and i've always sort of liked the style but never found a pattern or design that i like enough to pay for. 
as you can see, i've clearly done it myself because it looks well and truly shredded haha :P but i had fun doing it and i know that noone else has one like this. 
although i shredded the front, i decided to leave the back of the tee as it is because for the sole reason that when i wear this, if i take the train or the bus, i hate having bare skin on public transport so i left the back on :P and i guess also so that it's sort of a backwards mullet - business at the back, party at the front ;)
i also cut the neckline and sleeves because the neck was a little restrictive, especially with my masses of hair and i just thought i might as well cut the arms too.
2. send my friend tee-given to me by the "send my friend" organisation when i visited ghana as an ambassador for the global campaign for education.
this is the t shirt before. i've only worn it once in a promotional video you might want to check out here (click play video). it's also got more about my journey in ghana and working towards education for all if you're interested in that.
i shredded it! i also decided to shred this to funk it up a bit and make it perfect for summer. what i like about it is that it's wearable with almost anything ie. shorts, a bodycon skirt, jeans, leggings etc.
i decided to keep the back on this one for exactly the same reason, although on this i cut the seam up the side so it's open but still has sleeves which i think is really cool. 
i think this is now a cool top for summer but i can also promote the send my sister to school charity at the send time- win win!
here's what i wore yesterday, just something simple for a boiling day without having to do my legs:
cotton chinos- topshop, vest top- from an old pajama set
plaited belt- topshop
i love this outfit because although simple, it's comfortable and lightweight, absolutely great for just a simple day out in the sun.
what i was trying to show in these photos is how flexible my trousers are. i can touch the floor in them so that shows something haha!
i decided to wear this vest top because it was simple and plain which is what i was going for. it was in my pajama box but i thought "what the heck" and wore it out anyway. i like this outfit because it shows that plain doesn't always mean boring :)
and finally, here's what siobhan was wearing today, i just liked it.
matching shoes! siobhan loves them too because they're supercomfy :)
similar to something siobhan was seen wearing in a previous post, but i really love the way she's wraped the white shirt around the leopard print to give the whole outfit a great summer look :)
so! i hope you have a really fab week, and enjoyed reading today's post :) i'll be spending this evening cooking chorizo stuffed chicken breast, baking cake and watching made in chelsea the finale! ronan xxx


  1. So cute! This has inspired me to make a shredded shirt ;)

  2. love these! esp the bert and ernie one, cause its super cool anyways...and even cooler now that you shredded it!
    thanks for the sweet comment :)

  3. So many great photos & outfits! Those shirts are so cute! Mm I get hungry knowing what you will eat this evening! Enjoy watching made in chelsea & have a great week girl!
    Alicia Mi Mundo ❤

  4. Thats such a good idea! gives it a more summery look xo

  5. Love the shirt you cut out, cute! And lovely pictures. :)


  6. Very nicely done with the T-shirts! Must love Bert and Ernie! I love your topshop pants as well!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment, dear! You're so sweet!


  7. Ahhhh Ronan you have sucha good eye for DIY! [im a poet haha] Love this post, the tee's genuinely look like something people buy in shops?! Like the ones topshop seem to be obsessed with recently, but nicer because noone else has one! I love how you left the back 'backwards mullet' style haha, think it looks dead nice + unique:D Love how you always put loads of effort into your posts-makes them so interesting + ALWAYS worth the read! Xxx

  8. loving your diy fashion! those tees look great! what a great way to customise them!

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  9. Love diy!!!!

  10. I love how you cut slits in the sides of your tshirt! Love your trousers too (:

  11. @college curl you should! xxx

    @agent thanks so much! that's what i was going for :P you're welcome! xxx

    @alicia thank you! :) i did, haha it was delicious i'm proud of myself! xxx

    @tegan yeah, try it on old tees :)xxx

    @nieke thank you! :)xxx

    @rowan thank you :D yeah haha! my pleasure :)xxx

    @molly thank you so much! >.< haha you are! that's exactly what i wanted so i'm glad you appreciate it haha :) i'm so pleased! thanks again :D xxx

    @becca thank you! :) try it! xxx

    @coily thank you! xxx

    @carina thank you! xxx

    @lottie thanks so much! :)xxx

  12. Gosh you are so creative, love what you did to those tshirts!

    I remember seeing that Bert and Ernie tee in AA, and so wanted to buy it but it was a little pricey. :)

    The Cat Hag

  13. great shredding, will have to check this out for my t-shirts for the summer!
    thanks for the comment pretty

  14. Loving your shredded tees! Poor Ernie! hahaha. He didnt make the cut!


  15. Love the diy & I love your trousers.


  16. I'm in love with your sesame street shredded. Such a cool idea. x hivenn

  17. love the diy's sesame cut one is so cool i'd rock dat all summer, u know i love my tees lol!!
    and u look fab in chino's


  18. Ah! Can't believe you're only 16! You had way more style than me! I'm jealous haha!!

    I love DIY projects! What you did to those shirts were fabulous! And your last outfit! Wow!! I have to find pants like that. I want to re-create that look! It did indeed look like a wonderful day in London! Luckily, it is here too!

    Siobhan looks wonderful as always! Tell her I'm infatuated with her shoes! WANT!! Thank you for this lovely post, and I wish you the best of luck for your little business!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  19. very nice diy project :)
    I'm having a giveaway on my blog and I'd love if you could check it out:

    thanks :)


  20. @addie thank you :D haha i think i bought it on a rich streak :P xxx

    @isabelle thanks! you should :) my pleasure xxx

    @develore thank you! xxx

    @sophia haha no he didn't i'm afraid xxx

    @tesh thanks :)xxx

    @jazzy thanks so much!xxx

    @monzie haha thank you :D i definitely will be! xxx

    @wida haha aww thank you :D i love diy too now! :) and topshop! :D that's such a compliment thanks so much wida. i'm hoping the amazing weather keeps up all summer :D haha yeah! they're only £12 on office now! thank you :) gogogo! xxx

    @stardust thank you :) will do! xxx

  21. Love both your shredded t-shirts! There amazing, I've been debating buying one but DIY seems like the better option!;D. Love your outfit, those trousers are gorgeous... I can't touch the floor, no matter what I'm wearing... I'm just inflexible :').

    My school didn't have a prom either, so my dad stepped up and organised one under the schools consent:). Yeah, I'm going to see Take That! I've seen them before and they were amazing, so excited now!

  22. Love what you have done with these t-shirts! Such a great way to get the most from old clothes. Lovely pics too- looks like you made the most of the sun. xx

  23. hi thanks for your comment on my picture, i really like your blog! and also... we watched that send my sister to school video in my geography class t'other day! i did one of those sheets with the outlines on haha, its a small world! xxx

  24. I really like your topshop pants!! your so thin!

  25. @danielle thank you so much! :D yeah diy because then you know exactly what you're doing :) thanks! hahaha aww, stretch regularly :) and wow! your dad sounds so cool :P and i'm so jealous... so so jealous :P xxx

    @mo thank you! yeah :D the weather's been beautiful xxx

    @rach you're welcome! thank you! wow haha, small small world! :) xxx

    @zaina thanks! >.< xxx